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Change is a Powerful Ally in Our Growth Journey, so is The Method!

The Method (read: key – method) is tapping into the wisdom of a variety of spiritual teachings and practical tools for personal breakthrough work.
It is my unique way of translating the mysterious, time-honored, thousands…no: millions-a-time proven systems on Change for Personal Growth that are hidden within the Tarot, Astrology and Numerology into today’s language.

Recognizing that these profound and extensive systems have been put into place to guide the Soul on its journey of Learning, Growth and (personal) Evolution, The Method offers in easy to understand, simple to use, actionable and fun ways a unique personal development strategy, empowering those who are seeking NEW WISDOM and more MEANINGFUL LIFE EXPERIENCES to work consciously through CHANGE for Growth, NEW BEGINNINGS and matters of AGING BEAUTIFUL.

With love,
Kerstin Ide,
Creator of The Method

My wish for you: may you find your purpose and happiness in life, and work consistently on creating more of it. And may The Method be the source of inspiration, confidence and courage in working through the necessary changes so you get out of being stuck, start moving forward and keep growing and evolving while turning your greatest desires into reality.

Own the CHANGE You Desire

  • Master the Change-to-Grow Process with More Ease & Confidence
  • Find & Maintain Your  Focus with More Clarity & Strengths
  • Keep Moving (Up) with More Gumption & Joy
  • Get Greater Results Faster
  • Live Your Vision Longer

The Method: A 5-Step Guide to Champion CHANGE & New Beginnings like a Pro

  • Learn my secret 5-Step Formula that creates focus, direction and action so you master the change you desire with confidence and gumption—every single time!
  • Get the Breakthrough Code to instantly diagnose where you’re stuck & realize opportunities on how to get out and keep going
  • Be empowered to progress with and on purpose, so you achieve more authentic and fulfilling (life) goals faster
  • Bonus: Receive The Method Cheat-sheet with the secret formula for you to use in your (growth) journey

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