My Guiding Word for 2023

Like New Year’s resolutions I used to set one focus word as compass for the year. Words such as ‘compassion’, ‘intention’, gratitude’, ‘consistency’, ‘strength’, ‘posture’, ‘commitment’.., you get the drift.This year, however, I decided to change it up because I realized something big: while working with one word as focus for my actions, I foundContinue reading “My Guiding Word for 2023”

Why, what’s coming next, is one of my favorites!

Today is the first day I woke up and I felt like Fall is showing it’s face. At 7am it was still dark-ish outside with heavy rain pounding on the tin rooftop of the shed below my bedroom window, the scent of the wet woods of the forest nearby drenched the air and a coolContinue reading “Why, what’s coming next, is one of my favorites!”

When Vacation Is A Wake-up Call: It Took 3 Signs To ‘Bring ME Back’

I just returned from a short vacation on the Isle of Corsica, France. A ‘time out’ I was looking forward to for weeks because I was hoping, with a distance, I would finally get perspective and perhaps receive ‘signs’ as an answer to a nagging thought that’s been a nuisance in my head for weeks.AndContinue reading “When Vacation Is A Wake-up Call: It Took 3 Signs To ‘Bring ME Back’”

3 Things You Need To Make Change Happen—And It’s Not What You Think

The Measure of Intelligence is the Ability to Change. Albert Einstein I would add: The ability to change is based on one’s level of SELF-LOVE, -WORTH and -CONFIDENCE in taking action for results.Do you agree? I hear so many people talk about what they desire but then…nothing happens. Maybe an attempt, but that’s it.And truthContinue reading “3 Things You Need To Make Change Happen—And It’s Not What You Think”

Age is a Timeline of Personal Evolution

This is 54 vs 49…me today vs 5 years ago…in a tiny German village vs a big city in California. Same outfit. Evolved attitude!(Though working on getting my beach body back. I know…don’t say it!) But this post isn’t about my age and age per se. It’s what I realized age to be.So hear meContinue reading “Age is a Timeline of Personal Evolution”

Confession: I Was A Shit-show Of A Role Model

Honest Moment:This quote by TR is another great inspiration to ponder on when hitting that crucial (midlife) fork in the road. (Mid-)Life Crisis really is a gift. It presents one of the best opportunities, perhaps the most exciting one, to finally conquer change to level up and truly design the next chapter in our life.Continue reading “Confession: I Was A Shit-show Of A Role Model”