The #1 Surprising Reason Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals

My heart is so full!
This past Sunday I was invited to join a brunch event in Zurich, Switzerland. It was hosted by dear friends of mine, Martha & Alexandra of “Like Mother Like Daughter”. With the event they’ve brought together women curious to learn and receive insights to a more conscious way to connect and communicate–both, with the Self and with others.

I was invited to 1) present my wisdom on CHANGE [for personal growth] as it applies to how we connect and communicate, and of course 2) capturing soulful moments with my camera.

While munching on delicious food from the buffet and chatting away with the women sitting next to and across from me on the long farmhouse-like table, I was asked a fantastic and oh-so-important question:

‘In your experience, what would you say is the greatest stopping point when trying to change for better and reach desired goals?’

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Immediately, everyone around voiced out loud something I hear very often as the go-to answer: “It’s FEAR!”

To me though, that’s not all there is to this answer.

Going beyond mainstream, we should consider something deeper, and something more ‘uplifting’. Because for many, this ‘something’ applies even before fear: UNCERTAINTY.

In 90% out of 100, it’s not fear that is preventing someone from going through with the change they desire. It’s the uncertainty and lack of confidence in the [correct] process, ensuring effective and timely results.

When we are unsure about how something works, we are hesitant and insecure about our actions, the steps we take and the outcome we might get. We are questioning constantly whether we are doing the right thing, ending up in a paralysis by over-analysis.
For many this becomes too tiring, too confusing, too overwhelming…and so they stop.

To just tell someone that they’re fearful is never a good enough answer IMO.

So, what’s a better–more helpful–answer then?

It’s rather simple. A better, more encouraging answer would be to deepen our understanding and become comfortable with the basics of the process.

It’s not a matter of being ready. It’s a matter of being comfortable.

~Dan Pena

By learning and understanding the PROCESS OF CHANGE, by giving attention to every step, we are building our CONFIDENCE in doing what is most critical at the moment with more CERTAINTY, and completing the steps with focus and passion until we’re REACHING THE OUTCOME we desire.

In other words: we become CHANGE-CONFIDENT in doing something when we are comfortable in our control, hence building trust in our ability to complete what needs to be done.

Bonus: By doing so we also understand more of what is delaying us, where we’re possibly stuck, and what we didn’t realize before until a next move is possible.

Knowledge is power. It provides a basic level of certainty and creates confidence in the heart. Both is needed to move forward on the journey of change.

~Kerstin Ide

This right here is absolutely true when it comes to our desire for change, to grow and evolve into a next level of our existence.

Life is a cyclic development and we’re repeating the CHANGE-TO-EVOLVE go-around again and again, giving us plenty of practice to become better and better, reaching more and more of our desired goals with greater ease.

Once we understand the basics to the Universal Law of CHANGE, we’ll be able to apply it with confidence to our very own journey, no matter which change, goal and success we seek.

‘What a pity is it then for many to not get familiar with the process?’

This was another fantastic question coming out of the conversation around the table. And it is truly a pity because something so simple as learning a process could improve the circumstances and success experiences of many.

We are made for more! And for you, now, there is no excuse anymore to not go through with the change your desire. The only, and most important thing is, to get started learning the process.

Join me in exploring the Universal Law on CHANGE for PERSONAL EVOLUTION, and learn the foundation that will empower you to realize with more certainty that you have NO FEAR when it comes to following through on your goals.

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PS: This blog post is dedicated to Charlotte. She asked the question and at the end of the brunch, she handed me this paper to say ‘thank you’. She walked away ‘knowing’, and much more confident in her ability to go through with the change she desires.

This is my wish for you also. I hope you realize that there is a guiding system behind every change we desire to evolve as a person. The Universe has your back, it’s provided you the template for the journey. It’s on you to fill it with the goals and adventures to make your life a richer experience.

With love,

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