3 Things You Need To Make Change Happen—And It’s Not What You Think

The Measure of Intelligence is the Ability to Change.

Albert Einstein

I would add: The ability to change is based on one’s level of SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH and SELF-CONFIDENCE in taking action for results.
Do you agree?

I hear so many people talk about what they desire but then…nothing happens. Maybe an attempt, but that’s it.
And truth is, I myself have been a victim of inaction more times than I can count.

Sure, there are some desires or wishes that are too minor in worth to pursue. But what about the bigger ones, the dreams that keep us up at night longing for them to become reality?
Do you have such a wish, a dream you have tried for many times but have yet to follow through and fulfill?

Perhaps I can help by introducing you to a method I use that gives insight and guidance on how to move forward. 
It reveals the challenges and opportunities in each of the 12 [growth = progress] steps from the starting point to the finish line, keeping the focus on evolving as a person and progress forward on goals.
It’s a system I created, called ‘The ke.i Method: Own the Change You Desire’.

It incorporates the teachings and insights of the divinely wonderful and magical tools many use–some quite openly, some in secret–like Tarot, Psychology of Astrology, Numerology, Symbology, Elemental Dignities, and for the fun of it let’s throw in Energy work as well.

BUT, ‘The ke.i Method’ is a much more simplified way of working with the teachings of these systems, making it a focused, efficient and progress-driven tool for today’s time. And PS: you don’t even need to know Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, etc.

By working with ‘The ke.i Method’:

  • I’ve accomplished one goal after the other without hesitation and delay,
  • Developed the CONFIDENCE that is created by greater SELF-LOVE and sense of SELF-WORTH, 
  • Changed my behaviors and circumstances that kept stopping or limiting my progress, and
  • Paved the way for the next greater goals to come in reach.

Sounds interesting?
Right now you have 3 options:

  1. Keep being the curious fly on the wall and follow me on FB, IG or Tiktok to be inspired as I go through my own journey of change and evolving into the ‘Me2.0’ I am striving for.
  2. Get on the email list for my next Masterclass and get an introduction to the system.
  3. Contact me to book your 1:1 consultation and get a reading through your progress chart via Zoom.

In either case: I welcome you!

And btw, what are the 3 things you need to make change happen?
It’s simple:first and foremost you’ll need greater levels of SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH and SELF-CONFIDENCE!

Ready to build them up and progress on reaching your change goals?
Let’s do this!

With love,

Published by Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst

Hello, I'm Kerstin--GenX rebel, bohemian💜 and quirky middle ager (hello 55!) conquering midlife and reinventing myself during this exciting time. By sharing my experiences along the way, coupled with the wisdom I learned over the years, I hope to open a source of inspiration and how-to tips for you so that you may have it easier and feel empowered to succeed in your own journey of change and aging gracefully. Are you ready? Join the journey!

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