I Turned to the Divine Feminine in Dire Moments of Hardship and Pain

I grew up being conditioned to serve others over my own wants and needs and not complain about it. With that behavior disorder I destroyed a lot of opportunities for my Self to create the life I envisioned to have.
Can you relate?

I talked about it in a recent podcast chat with Esther, a wonderful writing coach from Switzerland, who created a channel for women to listen to stories of ‘Living without Fear’. [link to interview below]

One of her questions to me was What was the toughest moment in your life?
I could’ve listed numerous moments, and I’m sure there are several of your own experiences popping into your mind reading this.
First off: congratulations, you made it through. And if you’re still working through it, I wish you all the strengths to come out a winner on the other side. Don’t give up, you got this!

In the interview I gave a couple of examples that were significant in my journey, moments of extreme hardship but also courage to change and evolve and break that behavior disorder.

And thinking of the numerous conversations I have with women I work with in private consultations or in my Masterclass ‘My Next Step 101’, leading them through their [self-realization] journey, I cannot stress enough a point I hope is eye-opening to you as well.

It’s NOT the moment something is happening to us that is ’tough’. But rather the time following the event that forces us to go on a significant growth journey, a time when we have to step into a power we didn’t give opportunity to unfold within us before. A step into the unknown, in order to change [something] for the better.

These are in fact the toughest moments because: we have to trust and believe that we can transform into a greater version of ourselves. One that shows up with taller posture and conviction to opportunities we want to manifest and create the life we imagine for ourselves and others.

During the toughest moments in my life I turned to, trusted and believed in:

  • The Divine Feminine* to give insight and open a clear vision of beauty and opportunity for honest Self-love, empowering the courage to become a greater version of myself.
  • My Soul Self to embrace that greater version of me and show up authentic, strong and unwavering for the continuing journey of self-realization.
  • The power I call ‘Lebenskunst’, the art of BEing Alive, going on that journey of growth and evolution with an untamed desire to exploring and conquering the unknown to create better (life) experiences.

I’m curious, in your toughest moments, where do you turn to access your power within?

Share in the comments below and help drive opportunity rather than defeat.
Together we can heal many of the old [societal] conditionings we’ve been exposed to, and break our glass ceilings creating the better future we desire.
After all: we are only well if all of us are well!

With love,

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*Divine Feminine
Quoted as wonderfully described by Laura Bolt on Astrology.com

As we strive to connect with the universe and unlock its secrets (and our own potential), one of the most potent concepts to work with is that of the “Divine Feminine.” Simply put, the Divine Feminine is a manifestation of feminine energy in the universe. It is a sacred power source that is both integral to the nature of the cosmos, as well as inherent in ourselves. (It’s important to note that the Divine Feminine is something that everyone, regardless of gender identity, can connect to.) The Divine Feminine is connected to fertility, birth, and the cyclical nature of life.

It is present in the changing seasons of nature, and the cycles of the moon. This creative energy is not just about biological creation, but how we transform ourselves, our families, and our communities. It is the ability to appreciate the beauty of the universe, and the strength to weather its changes. 

Concepts of the Divine Feminine have been around since antiquity, and appear in religions and spiritual practices across the globe. You may be familiar with some of these ideas (the Divine Mother, or the Lover, for example), but there are many ways, both subtle and precise, to work with this energy. The Divine Feminine allows and reminds us to look within and listen to our bodies, encouraging thought, reflection, and emotional presence. 

There’s no one single way to experience it—complex and evolving, it contains multitudes. In fact, you may feel different facets of it throughout your lifetime, as you navigate experiences of family, partnership, or your own spiritual and creative journey. 

(Original article: https://www.astrology.com/article/the-divine-feminine/)

Published by Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst

Hello, I'm Kerstin--GenX rebel, bohemian💜 and quirky middle ager (hello 55!) I'm the founder of 'The ke.i Method', a 5-Step Master Guide to Champion CHANGE, New Beginnings & Aging Beautiful. In my courses I teach the secrets to the universal laws of personal evolution, empowering those seeking to improve and elevate their life experiences with simple guides to succeed in their goals and mission. Are you ready? Join the journey!

One thought on “I Turned to the Divine Feminine in Dire Moments of Hardship and Pain

  1. Thank you Kerstin, interesting article. It’s strikes me as unbelievable that for 40 odd years of my life I have not really thought about the feminine energy in a serious sense, however, recently, it has caught my attention going through a few milestones in life. I was quite intrigued by Isa Gucciardi’s The New Return to the Great Mother. It’s worth to explore this subject for sure on our spiritual journeys.


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