You Are On Social Media? You Are A Personal Brand!

Are you on social media? I am, of course. I love seeing what people are up to and connect with those I have common interests with.

While scrolling through today’s feed on Facebook, the ‘Memories’ reminder popped up and I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts I found worthwhile sharing.
I hope this ignites some inspiration for not-yet-thought-of opportunities for you.
So hear me out.

10 years ago my posts on social media included a lot of partying, beach volleyball, running, traveling, tomfoolery and having fun. Oh my, what a time!
But this was only a small part of my life.

Of course I had a job I loved and cared about, but hardly said anything about it online.
I was focused on sharing that life was a big hit and that I had fun. 
And that’s exactly how people would ‘categorize’ me: a dorky girl who liked to go out and drink and be carefree. Not much else to her.

What I displayed online back then was not the image I wanted to be recognized for, at all! 
I didn’t realize the impact of my online profile in the real world. Yet, it’s what showed: an image that described what people saw and how they ’judged’ me.

The hard work I did at my job, the responsible citizen I was to my country and in my community, the caring friend and neighbor, the passionate seeker of truth trying to solve the mysteries of life, the sincere student in alternative psychology, nature’s (health) sciences and metaphysics, my love for digital design, creative media projects, art and photography, none of it mattered because I didn’t share those values.
Hence, people would not see and recognize that side of me, therefore not attributing those values to me. Or any greater value for that matter.

From 10 years to today, something shifted. And that shift is manifold.
But let’s keep it simple and talk about two things, two important things!

For one, Social Media has changed into a much greater influence on us and our lives.
Second, the majority of people have changed, including me!

From then to now it became less important for me to talk about partying, and more important to share valuable things. Things that interested me, and were of interest to me. Topics I found important and important enough to share online because they could perhaps help others in making their lives easier, better or even more beautiful, too.

And it’s not that I don’t like to have fun anymore. It’s that I understood my personal responsibility as the worth of public reach trough social media shifted, expanded and received a voice that was used to create impact.
I also understood the opportunity that came along with it.

While many still believe Social Media is just about ‘being social’ and sharing ‘fun stuff’ randomly, it is in fact a display of us as an individual, the value we contribute by communicating what we stand for and what we have to offer.
It’s a mirror of what we represent in real life. It’s the image we openly represent in expectation of what for and how we want to be judged valued.

How about that! Are you surprised?

Are you still disregarding social media as opportunity to show (off) who you are, what you stand for and what you have to offer?
Are you still wondering why you’re not being seen or taken more serious(ly), or why you’re misunderstood and not getting the responses and results you’re looking for? 

Then I invite you to look at your profiles, how you’re (re)presenting your Self.
Are you visible and recognizable for the person you are and the impact and reach you’re seeking?

And in case you’re wondering: the platform does not matter, be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked—you name it—it’s the same for all. The only difference is the level of communication and the content shared.

The root of personal branding isn’t knowing who you are, it’s knowing what you want to accomplish in life.

Kerstin Ide

It’s no surprise that, because of this, many use social media nowadays to promote their business, products or services. They build relationships that eventually turn into a community of friends, customers and even business partners.

I LOVE THIS so much! For one reason, and for this reason only: because the person who is honing into this opportunity is working on growing and evolving into the best version they can be, becoming a recognizable and valued personal brand, an example role model contributing to making the world a better place.

In a world where we experience tremendous change and uncertainty, but also incredible opportunity, people are not as gullible and foolish anymore. They are looking for strong leaders and high value personal brands that are easy to recognize and deemed worthy of following and engaging with. Their products and services are secondary.

Being online or not, it is an opportunity and a responsibility to take a look at ourselves and realize: how we show up has an influence on others!
It is up to us whether what we represent is creating a ‘meh’-response or has a positive impact that empowers others to strive for best and become better–no matter if we show up as a human ‘just being social’, or as ambitious entrepreneur building our business.
We are a personal brand either way!

From my heart to yours,

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