Age is a Timeline of Personal Evolution

This is 54 vs 49…me today vs 5 years ago…in a tiny German village vs a big city in California.

Same outfit. Evolved attitude!
(Though working on getting my beach body back. I know…don’t say it!)

But this post isn’t about my age and age per se. It’s what I realized age to be.
So hear me out:

At 49 I was still a ‘happy go lucky’ girl: not quite sure what to do with all the ideas to create something ‘bigger’ for myself, but determined to ‘figure it out’.
I had just left my corporate job after a 25+ years successful career in (digital) media, and was eager to create my own business. Something I would enjoy and love doing for many years to come. Something that was meaningful to me, and others!

Leading up to today, these past 5 years have been an interesting journey. 
While trying to figure out WHAT I wanted to create, I stumbled more and more over the question WHO I wanted to create.
Who was Kerstin 2.0, who was the ‘me’ capable to envision, focus and design my future? 

While on this journey of self-realization I learned many new things from amazing mentors and insightful people, but most of all: I learned from my Self. 
Going deep into my own wisdom and unlocking what my greatest mission in this lifetime is, I connected the dots on the universal law of personal evolution, and the role time plays in our development.

While many still believe that age is ‘just a number’ and ‘you are as young as you feel’, I have to respectfully reject this notion.
I learned: it’s not a process of aging. It’s a TIMELINE of PERSONAL EVOLUTION!

Sure, the Body tires of functioning in top form as time goes by, and you might call that ‘aging’. But for life itself, we are meant to develop our Mind’s capabilities and evolve our Spirit to greater philosophies, year after year, development cycle after development cycle. 
The cycles don’t stop, they’re ongoing for the entire time we are here.
It’s the time we have to hone in on our true potential.

For the latter we have to dare stepping out of our comfort zone, exploring topics or domains that are unfamiliar but ‘torment’ our curiosity. 

Admit it: there is probably something insight of you—a dream, a vision or a desire—wanting to be explored–and lived. BUT: you keep suppressing it because it doesn’t fit in the box you’ve been placed in. 
Isn’t it so?

Well, let me tell you: it’s time to leave the box! 
Because: you do not have much time to catch up on the years you’ve wasted doing something mediocre and familiar.
If there is one ounce of dream in you that has not yet become a reality, start the process now!

There are 3 great maturity cycles, from 0 – 28 (y/o), 28 – 56 and 56+. Each containing 4 development sets, of which each encompasses a 7 year growth-goal achievement opportunity.

I don’t know where you are in life right now and in which cycle you might be stuck in, remember that we are here on borrowed time. And it is up to us what to do with the years given to us.
It sounds like a cliché but the truth is: our bank account of years is an investment we made into honing our potential when deciding to enter into this lifetime.

Sure, the cycles of personal evolution are no picnic. But not stepping up and honing into one’s potential is such a waste of life.

During the last 5 years in my personal development, I had many frustrations, confusion, worries and sleepless nights. Yet there has also been much progress. And today, my vision is as clear as the most beautiful crystal can be. 

When I look at me today, I see strength and focus for my potential in my eyes. I had missed this for many years. That spark, which is the purest sign the Soul is alive and thriving.

I hope you can see that spark in your eyes too, and I wish you honor your potential and create something incredible for your Self with it.
Something that fulfills and lifts you up, and empowers and supports others.
Together, we can make this world a better place still!

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