What the heck is ‘Lebenskunst’? And why did you name your blog so?

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In the process of developing our identity, our brand, there are certain keywords that keep coming up. Eventually they become our motto, words we live by that help give us a sense of direction and purpose. For me it was ‘Lebenskunst’ and the process of inventing, developing and evolving my Self, taking steps into the unknown–first by chance, later by design. And that’s the story of:

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Before I myself consciously identified with the word ‘Lebenskunst’, I was called a ‘Lebenskünstler’ due to my natural ability to make the best out of every situation, grabbing every lemon there was determined to turning them into lemonade.

It was a very practical thing for me because I was eager to ‘go places’ and ‘do things’. Little did I know (back then) that the ‘Art of Living’ is actually a very spiritual process, one of Self-realization, with the term and the philosophy behind it originating from antiquity, playing an important part of everyday life since the beginning of time.

(You can read more about the history through the ages–unfortunately only in German–here.)

As I ventured through the years evolving my Self, connecting with the bits of me that had been buried in the process of growing up, I allowed that spiritual part to resurface and create the balance to my Body-Mind-Spirit connection, now truly becoming that ‘Lebenskünstler’ I was called long before I declared on my own to be one.

What does it mean to be a Lebenskünstler, aka: an artist of life?

The artist of life owns her power to envision and create her dream life. To her, life is an art—it’s the ultimate form of self expression. With this freedom, she sets out to create a life that’s unique to her, one that she absolutely loves.


But, what now is ‘Lebenskunst’?

Lebenskunst: ‘leːbn̩skʊnst | German noun, feminine

The German word ‘Lebenskunst’, by general translation, means: ‘the art of living’. To me, it stands for: ‘The Art of BEing ALIVE’.

BEing ALIVE describes a conscious experience of two things:
1. The feeling of wholeness within — a purposeful connection and harmony in Body, Mind and Spirit — and
2. The experience of personal evolution — a result of transformative actions taken on the journey of breaking free from limiting beliefs, connecting with the Soul’s purpose, and self-realizing a greater and more meaningful life experience.

Needless to say: with this realization, and embracing that life is an art, I thought it to be appropriate to name my blog ‘Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst’.
It allows space for both: sharing my very earthly stories and spiritual wisdom gained throughout my life adventures, as well as giving my creative work and photography a place to be seen and experienced.

On my journey I had learned and experienced so much and recognized a pattern in the topics people would come to me for help. The obvious was for my professional skills als a digital media producer and photographer, but there was also a considerable draw for something much greater and very personal: my spiritual and intuitive ability of empathy, insight and empowerment.

You see, on my own personal growth journey I discovered something very important. Something that wasn’t readily available to people, something hidden from plain sight in the everyday life. And the more I researched and studied it, I understood the incredible benefits of what I had discovered. Not only for me, but for every person wanting to make something greater of themselves less the confusion on how to get there.

And this is when the concept for ‘My Next Step 101’ was born.

To me, there was little value in keeping what I had learned to myself.
After all, the spiritual law teaches us–amongst other things–the importance of [energy] exchange. With exchange we create flow and–with positive intention–an equilibrium allowing evolution, fulfillment and success.

At the same time I understood that most people are scared of change and the uncomfortable feeling of breaking out of their comfort zone and stepping into the unknown. But, like Albert Einstein said: “We cannot do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.” Eventually, we need to step into the unknown to create ‘better’.”

But be honest: wouldn’t it be more comfortable having a proven system that leads you to understand the dynamics of change and evolution, so you can work more efficiently and with greater confidence toward your goal(s). One that guides you to evolve each growth cycle into a more charismatic presence and create your desired lifestyle and success?

That’s what ‘My Next Step 101’ is all about: an easy formula–a proven system–empowering you to change, transform, evolve!

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