Confession: I Was A Shit-show Of A Role Model

Honest Moment:
This quote by TR is another great inspiration to ponder on when hitting that crucial (midlife) fork in the road.

(Mid-)Life Crisis really is a gift. It presents one of the best opportunities, perhaps the most exciting one, to finally conquer change to level up and truly design the next chapter in our life.

I remember, I got close to that point nearing my 50th birthday a few years back. I had been working year after year like a mad woman in a very demanding career. 
It was great: I was a sought-after media producer, I had a secure income, I had friends, a community, a life full of activity and adventure, and I was happy.
Or so I thought!

Looking closer I realized that I wasn’t really satisfied with what was happening to me.
Yes, you read that right: What Was Happening TO Me! 

I got so used to my life, my work, my ’success’ over the years, that I failed to realize: I didn’t actively influence and design it to what I really wanted to experience on a daily basis. 

I was also missing a greater PERSONAL MISSION; one I was excited about, and proud of contributing and being recognized for.
I was ‘one of anyone’, contributing to the same Pity I secretly rolled my eyes about when looking around.

So I took a hard look at myself, my career, my life and decided: I need to raise my standards, in EVERYTHING!

What followed was a rigorous process of purging, fessing up to my Self, exploring my wants and needs, and building new.

In the process I realized something very important:

If I’m satisfied with mediocre and don’t push my potential, I’m a shit-show of a role model. 
Whether we like it or not, people do look to the next person and use them as an excuse why they can’t change the things that are not ok and evolve into a better version of themselves, becoming so an example of Better.
Lethargy to Better is a sickness we are able to cure, and it starts with raising our standards!

Are you ready to challenge your Self and raise your standards?

Drop a 💜 in the comments if you are and, if you’re courageous, add which standard you want to raise for your Self first.

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Published by Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst

Hello, I'm Kerstin--GenX rebel, bohemian💜 and quirky middle ager (hello 55!) I'm the founder of 'The ke.i Method', a 5-Step Master Guide to Champion CHANGE, New Beginnings & Aging Beautiful. In my courses I teach the secrets to the universal laws of personal evolution, empowering those seeking to improve and elevate their life experiences with simple guides to succeed in their goals and mission. Are you ready? Join the journey!

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