Struggling to find your focus in #lifeaftercorporate?

Change and finding one’s new purpose (in life) takes time and can be damn hard, especially after leaving a corporate career due to entering retirement or ‘being entered into retirement early’ (aka: losing a job).

It is difficult today for many women my age at 50+, to find a new job that is fulfilling, adequate to ones skill level and conducive to evolving into the next greater life phase. I know I’ve struggled with the transition out of the corporate world a few years ago, even though I had a very clear idea—and a well crafted plan—of what I wanted to do next.
But then: life happened!

I went to Europe on a whim following love instead of staying in the States and building my business. And what I had planned so fabulously did not follow the map I had laid out for myself. Everything changed, and I had to figure out a new game plan.

Change takes time…and includes a lot of components

“Other Countries, other customs.” Whatever I tried, it didn’t work in the new location. Luckily I didn’t panic or get into a state of defeat. I simply followed my own (breakthrough) formula to (re-)discover, realize and design a better fitting plan for my new reality.

It took time, courage and spirit to keep going and not giving up.
But I did it. And you can too!

Jumping on the Social Media Trend Train

Should you or should you not?
Creating a personal brand on social media is the easy part; making it stand out from the rest takes some work.
Authenticity, originality, and transparency count. 
It’s unsurprising to see that most brands that have stood the test of time are those with very original stories and relatable experiences.
So yes, jumping on the trend train is good as long as you stay on brand. Try it out. It’s fun too!

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The key is staying curios, flexible and engaged in your goals.
And I hope, if you are going through a similar change like I did, to know who you are, what you have—and want—for your life, and most importantly: execute on it!

Never give up just because the circumstances are less than perfect. Love and value your Self and keep the fire in your heart lit. And most of all: continue evolving your story and level up to fulfill your purpose.

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