Have you ever…?

So, I did ‘a thing’ yesterday… (wait for it, I spill the beans in a sec below)
I’ve been doing this practice for a few years now but never really shared it with anyone. This is a first and I feel challenged to communicate the details around it because…well, it’s a simple yet complex ‘thing’ aaand: it’s quirky! …But so am I, so: what the heck! I’m in a year of no excuses anyway, and I’m just gonna go for it.

So… I got MARRIED! yesterday… TO MY SELF! Again!
For another crazy year of promises to be fulfilled.

Have you ever done that? (Told you: I’m quirky!)

What the heck is this all about, you ask?
Simple. Read on!

If you’ve ever been married or witnessed a wedding, you know how the two people in front give their vows to each other and promise to respect, to love and cherish each other, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health doing everything in their power to MAKE THE OTHER PERSON HAPPY by giving them a life they always dreamed of (🤦🏻‍♀️)… til death do them part.

Whooow!!! This is a boat-load of promise to give, and responsibility taken on, to fulfill the dream for another person. Especially, when the same promises and responsibilities are neglected, and not being fulfilled by oneself for one’s Self first.

I know this because it was true for me, as it was—or still is—for many with unfulfilled relationships. I’m sure you can agree on that.
I failed terribly in a most important and precious relationship that was meant for me to have and to hold; just because I was ignorant, blind and ruthlessly sabotaging the vows to my Self, hence failing to keep them for the other.

Tragically, that relationship ended indeed in death. But that’s a story for another time.

What I learned though, during healing from this painful experience, is to follow a simple rule: Know, love and respect your Self and your (growth) journey FIRST, before making such promises to someone else.

A few years ago, because of that painful experience, I started a ceremony: every year in March at the Spring Equinox I’m renewing my vows to my Self, to love and respect, to have and to hold from this day forward, doing everything in my power to honor my Body, Mind and Soul first, keep learning on my story and improving on my journey, stepping up to conquer my next challenge in growing as a person, becoming a greater support and role model for myself, and hence a much better partner to others—both in life and business.

Being the greatest version one can be, with confidence, posture and conviction, heading toward a life goal that excites, brings joy and success to oneself and others, is after all, a life experience worthwhile giving vows to and doing everything possible to fulfill them.

Today I stand wholeheartedly in the power of my own vows, to myself, my loving new partner, family and friends at home, and my business associates, my amazing clients and my inspiring community around the world.
And I wish the same for you: Here’s to being the greatest partner!

Want to give your Self a new chance?
Join the journey, define and set your vows to Change.Transform.Evolve!, and head onto your greatest adventure in self-realization yet.

I’ll share the ceremony on my FB page ‘My Next Step 101’ on Sunday, March 28th.
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See you there!

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