Welcome to the Journey

A Year of No Excuses!

Tired of procrastinating, feeling self-pity and listening to your own excuses? This Sunday we are officially starting the ‘Year of NO Excuses’.

Why now and not at the beginning of the year? Well…we did start at the beginning of the year. The last 2+ months have been in preparation of what’s to come now.
But don’t worry if you missed it, you can JOIN ANY TIME and still get the benefit of the entire experience.

Ready to step up your game?
I welcome you, this is gonna be fun!

With love,

Published by Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst

Hello, I'm Kerstin--GenX rebel, bohemian💜 and quirky middle ager (hello 55!) I'm the founder of 'The ke.i Method', a 5-Step Master Guide to Champion CHANGE, New Beginnings & Aging Beautiful. In my courses I teach the secrets to the universal laws of personal evolution, empowering those seeking to improve and elevate their life experiences with simple guides to succeed in their goals and mission. Are you ready? Join the journey!

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