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A GenX Rebel’s Wisdom Guide on

Soul-regeneration, Self-realization & Aging Beautiful

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Hello, I’m Kerstin and you came to the right place, right here where you belong. That is, if you’re also on a conscious journey ready for CHANGE to GROW & EVOLVE and BECOME the vision you have in your head of your Self, your Life and/or Business.

Wait, what? You’re stuck and overwhelmed and your efforts to change and grow and be more successful in reaching your goals seem to just create chaos all around, is too much to handle and so you’re stalling on your progress, or even worse: you’re ready to quit?

I’m glad you found me because, well, let me get you in on a little BIG SECRET:
Change is a SYSTEM with designated steps, dynamics and correspondences that, when understood and applied, empowers YOU to MASTER the PROCESS and CREATE that VISION you long for with more ease, focus and timely actions. It propels YOU to reach that goal with joy, gumption and success. AND, it inspires YOU to keep going and create even BETTER yet.

So join me & become CHANGE-CONFIDENT
Read inspiring stories, take The ke.i Method course, join the challenge, shop the products, get ready for the inner circle… With one or with all: experience the greater wisdom teachings on CHANGE TO EVOLVE in action, participate in a FUN journey, create your next ‘better’ chapter and live your VISION and your desired life experience NOW!

See you on the inside!
With love, Kerstin

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Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst: The Blog
Mastering the Art of Being Alive
Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst, powered by The ke.i Method

‘leːbn̩skʊnst: German noun, feminine, translated as ‘The Art of Living’ …or as I like to say: ‘The Art of BEing Alive’

~ The Blog ~

This collection of my original stories is meant to open minds, eyes and hearts to new possibilities within Self, life and dreams that yet have to become reality.
With wisdom, inspiration and wit, let’s go on the journey of BEing Alive!

Soul-Regeneration, Self-Realization & Aging Beautiful


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